25 “Irresistible” Banana Drinks

#11 Bananas Foster Colada

Bananas Foster ColadaFull recipe here.

#12 Banana Split Martini

Banana Split MartiniFull recipe here.

#13 Coco Banana Pineapple Rum Old Fashioned

Coco Banana Pineapple Rum Old FashionedFull recipe here.

#14 Banana Spider

Banana SpiderFull recipe here.

#15 Dark Chocolate Banana Smoothie

Dark Chocolate Banana SmoothieFull recipe here.

#16 Blueberry Banana Smoothie

Blueberry Banana SmoothieFull recipe here.

#17 Banana Oat Smoothie

Banana Oat SmoothieFull recipe here.

#18 Strawberry Banana Smoothies

Strawberry Banana SmoothiesFull recipe here.

#19 Raspberry Apple Smoothie with Bananas

Raspberry Apple Smoothie with BananasFull recipe here.

#20 Banana Nutella Smoothie

Banana Nutella SmoothieFull recipe here.

#21 Healthy Mango Orange Banana Sunrise Smoothie

Healthy Mango Orange Banana Sunrise SmoothieFull recipe here.

#22 Banana Apple Smoothie

Banana Apple SmoothieFull recipe here.

#23 Iced Nana Latte

Iced Nana LatteFull recipe here.

#24 Caramelized Banana Coconut Bamboo Cocktail

Caramelized Banana Coconut Bamboo CocktailFull recipe here.

#25 Busted Banana Barrel

Busted Banana BarrelFull recipe here.

That’s all about our recommendation for 25 best recipes for banana drinks. Let’s give them a try and enjoy!

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