11 Best One-Pot Dinners With Chicken For Busy Nights

Why not try one of these excellent one-pot dinners with chicken instead of using many pots and pans and making a large mess to clean up? Nothing is worse on a busy weekday than having to prepare a large, complicated meal. These one-pot dinners with chicken are juicy, tasty, and ideal for a meal with the family. After all, having a sink full of pots and pans should be the last thing on your mind.

So prepare for a standing ovation because you will most certainly receive one after making these one-pot dinners with chicken recipes.

11 Best One-Pot Dinners With Chicken For Busy Nights

1. One-Pot Teriyaki Chicken & Vegetables

One-Pot Teriyaki Chicken & VegetablesSource: thekitchn

This filling recipe is an all-in-one dinner that is prepared on the stovetop in a Dutch oven. This vibrant one-pot dinner is filled with delicious chicken, crisp-tender vegetables, and a homemade teriyaki sauce that is simple to make. It is also definitely kid-friendly.

Check out the recipe here

2. One-pot garlic chicken

Source: Littlysunnykitchen

This simple one-pot garlic chicken recipe helps you avoid doing the dishes. Comforting and creamy, you may customize the amount of garlic to your preferences.

Check out the recipe here

3. One-Pot Chicken & Creamy Spinach Rice

Source: blueapron

This filling recipe comes together in one pot and combines rice, chicken, and roasted red peppers with creamy mayo and other healthy ingredients.

Check out the recipe here

4. Summer one-pot dinners with chicken

Source: taste

Use a cup of chicken stock in place of the cream in this simple one-pot chicken recipe, and add two teaspoons of wholegrain or Djion mustard.

Check out the recipe here

5. One-pot Spring Chicken  Stew

Source: ocado

This innovative recipe, which is packed with vibrant, fresh flavors, demonstrates how adaptable lettuce is—not it’s just for salads! This dish is excellent for spring and the beginning of summer and makes good use of other in-season ingredients.

Check out the recipe here

6. One-Pot Roast Chicken and Vegetables

Source: cookingwithzahra

You can make this one-pot roast chicken and vegetable recipe once a week because it’s so simple and quick to prepare. This recipe is a huge hit with your husband, kids, and I hope you will too.

Check out the recipe here

7. Easy One Pot Chicken and Rice

Source: skinnyspatula

With only basic ingredients, this one-pot chicken and rice dish is quick and inexpensive. It’s incredibly tasty, filling, and just the thing to prepare on a busy weekday.

Check out the recipe here

8. Garlic ranch chicken and vegetables

Source: damndelicious

One teaspoon of brown sugar is delicately sprinkled on each chicken thigh to give it a bit of sweetness to go with the Ranch flavors. It is pure perfection when paired with the soft roasted vegetables.

Check out the recipe here

9. One-pot chicken & mushroom casserole

Source: australianmushrooms

Check out the recipe here

10. Sheet Pan Spring Chicken Dinner

Source: foodnetwork

This simple sheet pan supper combines a ton of fresh spring tastes. Before going into the oven with the scallions, rainbow carrots, fingerling potatoes, and fresh herbs, the chicken takes a dip in the marinade. You can prepare a tart Dijon sauce spiced with parsley and dill to sprinkle over the entire dish while the colorful spread is roasting.

Check out the recipe here

11. Greek Chicken and Vegetables

Source: downshiftology

Fresh oregano and lemon juice give chicken thighs a powerful flavor boost, and a hot oven produces extra-crispy skin. Scrape the pan drippings into a skillet and use it to make the pan sauce if you don’t have a sturdy sheet pan that can handle the heat of the burner.

Check out the recipe here

With these one pot dinners with chicken we have introduced, we hope you will feel relax in cooking especially in busy weeknights. Find more helpful recipes in our website!

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