Top 9 Delicious And Healthy Budget Dinners

As you know, family feeding is no joke. This one detests chicken (unless they are nugget), that one over there won’t touch any vegetable, and that one won’t eat raw cucumbers. Those difference preferences challenge us a little. Especially, when we would like to have budget dinners.

Have you had interesting suggestions for family budget dinners? When it comes to food, a budget- friendly meal at the end of the month doesn’t have to be boring and limited to baked beans and toast. Here are our top 9 ideal budget dinners that have the crowd favourites, which are easy to make at home. Let’s try something delicious and affordable dinners!

1. White chicken chili made in a slow cooker

chicken-cheeseSource: thechunkychef

Chicken is certainly not a production or a budget buster. Whenever you look for budget-friendly recipes, think about chicken. One reader praised Sarah DiGregorio’s mild-mannered meal as “the best white chicken chili out there.” It may be convenient prepared on the stovetop or in a slow cooker, and leftover roast chicken or turkey would be ideal. Serve it on its own, with rice, or wrapped up in a tortilla.

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2. Baked skillet pasta with cheddar and spiced onions

pasta-budget-recipe-cheeseSource: Cooking.nytimes

This is a great budget dinner which is actually delicious. The secret here is its cheese-laden, tomato-sauced ilk is the addition of onions and spices. Then it turns out to be super-satisfying meal.

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3. Vegetable yakisoba

noodle-vegetable-low-budgetSource: justonecookbook

If you really want to cut down on your grocery bill, try this budget recipe. Don’t you just adore the smug-happy feeling you get after cooking a delectable meal and using the sad, wilted vegetables in your fridge? If you can’t find frozen pre-steamed yakisoba noodles, prepare dried noodles as directed on the package before continuing with the recipe.

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4. Potatoes and broccoli with olive oil fried egg

egg-budget-recipe-Source: Cooking.nytimes

Like many great budget meal, this low cost recipe include the main ingredient – eggs.  For a very filling vegetarian dinner, evening tacos are topped with fried eggs, roasted broccoli, and potatoes. Consider substituting cauliflower for the broccoli and sweet potatoes for the potatoes. Set everything out on the table (apart from the eggs, which you should fry as needed) and allow your team to assemble their own tacos.

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5. Connecticut-style shrimp rolls

shrimp-budget-hot-dogSource: Cooking.nytimes

In this recipe, which is inspired of creamy lobster rolls and seafood shacks, shrimp are stuffed in to soft hot dog buns. Simply defrost before using inexpensive frozen raw shrimp in this low budget recipe.

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6. Easy Teriyaki chicken rice bowl

teriyaki-chicken-rice-budget-recipeSource: izzycooking

The simple but savory chicken recipe that keeps low cost should be teriyaki chicken. We believe you’ll return to this Teriyaki Chicken recipe time and time again. Who doesn’t adore teriyaki chicken? For a quick yet filling dinner, the easy marinade transforms into a stunning, light glaze that serves juicy chicken the perfect balance of salty, sweet, and savory flavor. The leftovers are also fairly tasty for lunch the next day – this helps you will not break the bank.

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7. Slow cooker honey garlic chicken

chicken-stew-budget-mealSource: tipbuzz

Enjoy tender chicken thighs that have been simmered in a honey-garlic sauce. This budget dish nearly cooks itself in a crockpot with just 15 minutes of preparation.

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8. School pizza

school-pizza-dinner-on-a-budgetSource: izzycooking

This cheap pizza recipe is identical to the rectangular, sliced pizza served in school cafeterias. Add your preferred toppings to serve the whole family at a low cost.

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9. Chicken and brocoli

chicken-broccoli-cheap-dinnerSource: dwardcooks

There is no doubt that chicken is the best ingredients when we need a budget dinner as well aas satisfying meal. It’s just like getting takeout from your favorite Chinese restaurant with this chicken and broccoli recipe! You can now satisfy your desires and save some coins.

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Let’s check these budget recipes, which save you money but they are still mouth-watering enough to please your family members. Try more delicious dinners recipes in our blog as well.

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