10 Amazing Kitchen Tips For An Easier Life

As anyone who spends any time in the kitchen would know, it can sometimes be extremely chaotic in there, especially with more involved meals that require a lot of effort to handle all of the ingredients and kitchen instruments. Hence, Easy and Healthy Recipes has stepped in to offer you a compilation of some helpful kitchen tips for an easier life.

Kitchen tips
Are you prepared to reduce your cooking time? You can now make the most of every minute you have to spend in the kitchen with the help of these amazing time-saving strategies. We all have to consume, cook, and clean up after ourselves. However, there are ways to make these tasks simpler. Let’s get started.

10 Amazing Kitchen Tips:

1/ Preserve the softness of cookies

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After baking, add a slice of store-bought white bread to an airtight container to keep cookies and other baked products moist. Your muffins, cookies, and cakes will maintain their original softness. Most people won’t know the difference and assume that they are still fresh.

2/ Make Butter Softer (Even if You Forgot to Take It Out of the Fridge)

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Don’t you dread it when you forget to remove the butter from the refrigerator before preparing your go-to recipe, butter can be quickly melted when you cut them into cubes and left on the counter for 20 minutes to soften. This hack is the simplest method for a softer butter. Smaller portions will soften up more quickly than the entire stick.

3/ Keep a Small Strainer for Oranges

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It’s ten times easier to keep a little handled strainer next to the stove to collect seeds when you’re cutting a lemon or lime in half and squeezing the juice out than to try and separate the seeds later.

4/ Put Meat on Aluminum Trays to Defrost

One of the most useful kitchen tips to know is that meat can be quickly defrosted under a cold, continuously running faucet. Place the meat on an aluminum sheet tray or griddle if you want to save water and expedite the process a little. An aluminum surface will heat your frozen meat considerably more quickly since aluminum is such a good conductor of heat. By doing this, you can reduce defrosting times by around 30%.

5/ A Faster Way to Cook Meat Loaf

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Divide and bake when you want a big piece of meat but don’t want to wait an hour or more for the meatloaf to cook: In a muffin pan, separate the meat into small chunks and cook them for 15 minutes at 450 degrees.

6/ Use pegs for opened chip packages to maintain their crunch!

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When you open a bag of chips or any other packaged snack but don’t eat it all at once, fold the bag and secure it with a clip. Your chips will remain crisp and fresh as they should be as a result.

7/ Keep the Parmesan Rinds.

Source: wonderhowto

After you’ve finished the Parmesan (or any other hard cheese rinds) keep the cheese rinds by freezing them in a zippered bag. It can be used later to intensify the taste of broths, soups, and stews when simmered for 20 to 30 minutes.

8/ Store ripe and unripe fruit separately.

Some matured fruit emits ethylene gas. For instance, bananas emit a lot of this gas, which has the effect of hastening the ripening of other fruits. Therefore, be cautious to store ripe fruit apart from the unripe fruit

9/ Get more juice from fruits

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Try this restaurant tip the next time you need fresh lemon juice. For 7 to 10 seconds, microwave a lemon. Then, on the counter, wiggle the lemon back and forth between your palms. The lemon will yield more juice when squeezed with significantly less effort. Also, try it with limes!

10/ Have a basket labeled “eat first”

This method can further reduce food waste. Keep a basket in the front of the refrigerator and fill it with all the food that is about to expire. As a result, food that is close to expiring will be consumed rather than left forgotten at the back of the refrigerator.

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