10 Convenient Kitchen Tips for Cooking That You Wish You Had Known

Kitchen tips for cooking are essential to any home chef. Everyone who steps into a kitchen occasionally needs a refresher on the fundamentals, whether they are timid beginners or seasoned professionals. Kitchen tips for cooking don’t exactly magic as they are often advertised, but they do help out a bunch to make your time in the kitchen a lot easier.

Kitchen Tips for CookingWe have seen several postings for food or kitchen hacks throughout the years, but they aren’t always exactly helpful. Additionally, they can sometimes be more hassle and work than they are worth. However, we have come up with a list of kitchen tips for cooking from our own lives that’ll save you time, trouble, and money.

10 Convenient Kitchen Tips for Cooking That You Wish You Had Known

1. Soak apple slices in a solution of lemon juice and water to prevent browning

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 Simply soak them for 10 minutes in a mixture of 4 cups of cold water and 1 tablespoon of lemon juice. You must use genuine lemon juice from an actual lemon.

2. You can get rid of the fishy flavor in saltwater fish by soaking it in milk

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 Try this cooking tip if you’re not a fan of “that fishy taste” in saltwater fish. It also allows you to save money by purchasing less expensive fish, like soles, and still being able to enjoy eating it without feeling too grossed out.

3. Pull cookies out before they’re done cooking

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 To reiterate, it’s always better to undercook than to overcook. Additionally, after you remove the cookies from the oven before they are thoroughly cooked so they will continue to cook on the tray.

4. Use Milk to Reduce Saltiness

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 There is a good chance that you will occasionally use the wrong measurements if you are new to cooking. And during that process, the majority of us frequently add too much salt to our food. Therefore, if you’re looking for a way to balance out the extra salt, you can either add milk or malai to it to lessen the salty flavor.

5. How to Quickly Boil Chickpeas (in an hour) 

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 Don’t worry if you forgot to soak your chickpeas the night before; using this method, you can have them ready in an hour. Simply bring water to a boil in a cooker while adding the necessary quantity of chickpeas. In no time at all, you’ll have your boiled chana!

6. Freeze Whipping Cream (for up to 3 months in a Ziplock freezer bag)

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 Never again waste extra whipping cream! Simply freeze it and defrost it overnight and whip it once more when you need it, or substitute it for heavy cream in recipes.

7. Save Bacon Fat

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 The possibilities for cooking with leftover bacon grease are endless. Use it to fry your eggs. Use it to fry your potatoes. Or even make some bacon candles! There are countless options.

8. Place a damp paper towel under your cutting board

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 This stops it from swiveling when you’re using a very sharp knife to cut something.

9. After finishing chopping up stuff, scrape the mixture off the work surface using the dull end of a knife

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 Onions and other ingredients are frequently diced before being scraped into a bowl or other cooking area. It’s better to stop the habit of scraping stuff your chopping board with sharp edges as the blade will become significantly less sharp and more likely to slip when chopping or slicing over time. Always flip the blade over to utilize the end opposite the sharpened blade for scraping. 

10. Peel ginger with a spoon.

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This strangely shaped root can be peeled without the use of a special tool. Because the ginger’s peel is relatively thin, you can easily remove it by scraping a metal spoon along the side and around the tricky rounded edges.

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