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3 Leanest Meals Low In Calories With Low-Fat Fish 

If you are on a strict diet, it’s important to create a calorie deficit. Otherwise, you would not lose weight as you have planned. Meals low in calories are essential to create a calorie deficit. 

There are many foods that contain fewer calories such as dark leafy vegetables (broccoli, arugula, spinach…) and lean meats (chicken, turkey and low-fat fish). As long as you keep in mind these ingredients, losing weight is no longer that difficult. “You are what you eat”. 

meals low in calories

1. Seared Cod With Vegetables 

 dinner meals low in caloriesSource: Our Wasabi Life

Over 100 grams of cod, there are only 82 calories, making it one of the leanest cuts among other foods. Therefore, it’s a great ingredient for meals low in calories, high in protein. This dish only requires under 30 minutes to make with the most basic ingredients and spices including salt, pepper, some herbs and any low-calorie vegetables that you might find in your fridge. It could be steamed (or stir-fried) asparagus or a kale salad, either side dish would be perfect with seared cod. 

Searing does not require many techniques but it’s important to mind the timing. You do not want this lean protein to be dry and too tough to eat. Keeping the skin will help with the form of the fish so you should keep the skin. It also does not contain much fat or many calories and is totally fine for a healthy meal. 

2. Seared Tuna And Rocket Salad 

 big meals low in caloriesSource: Delish

The second healthy fish in this list is tuna. Tuna is another lean fish that is low-fat and high-protein. It’s absolutely healthy and delicious and you can create so many stunning recipes with this ingredient. Today, we choose arugula as the base with other healthy vegetables including radishes and cucumbers. All these vegetables and fruits contain a few carbs and calories. 

In particular, tuna tastes best when it’s still raw or slightly cooking. Searing tuna means that you only cook the outer layer of this fish and keep the inside completely raw. Then, it will taste soft, sweet and buttery just like you are having sashimi. It’s also a good choice to keep tuna completely raw to toss with other vegetables. However, searing helps it have more aroma and flavors and makes the texture more interesting to eat.

3. Baked Barramundi With Vegetables 

meals low in calories high in protein Source: Taste

Barramundi is another healthy fish in this list of healthy meals low in calories. It’s packed with Omega-3 fatty acids and contains only half the calories of salmon, making it one great choice for dieters who would like to lose some weight. Cooking this fish does not take you much time and effort. Anyone can master it within the first try. You can steam, boil, pan fry or bake in the oven as your own preference. 

This recipe uses broccoli and cherry tomatoes but they are definitely adjustable. You can use lettuce, cauliflower, spinach, celery or any vegetables and fruits that you like. They would all taste great with this healthy fish. 

For more delicious and healthy recipes, check out this category. 

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