5 Foods To Help Bad Breath You Should Remember 

Bad breath is a huge inconvenience. It makes you less confident to communicate and stay close to other people. There are several factors that cause bad breath. However, what are the foods to help bad breath? 

These foods are extremely easy to find in every kitchen. They are the most effective foods to help you be more self-assured. Therefore, you won’t feel too hesitant while talking to other people or kissing or boyfriend/girlfriend. 

foods to help bad breath

1. What Foods Get Rid Of Bad Breath? 

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The most common foods to get rid of bad breath are chewing gums and breath mints. These substances might immediately give you a better breath by creating a fresh, minty aroma in your mouth. However, they are only temporary. They are also familiar with using breath strips or mouth wash. All these methods are supposed to give an artificial minty smell to your breath. Meanwhile, the main causes of it remain. In this post, let’s find out 5 foods to help bad breath, naturally. 

2. 5 Foods To Help Bad Breath

Recently, scientists have found a cure for this unfortunate issue. Probiotic bacteria might clear the plaque which is responsible for bad breath in your mouth. The volatile sulphuric compounds are usually attached to your teeth and tongue and cause permanent bad breath, especially in the morning. These harmful bacteria live on the surface of your tongue and break down proteins, causing a bad smell from these broken-down proteins. Therefore, a solution to stop this is to eat more probiotic-rich food and drink. Most fermented foods consist of a good deal of probiotics.  Luckily, they are easy to find and you might get it from the most common food that you and your family consume daily. 

  • Yogurt: A great source for probiotic bacteria. And it is delicious and healthy as well. This food is extremely common and the sugar-free yogurt is more recommended. Sugar might cause several issues to your teeth and also breath.

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  • Sourdough bread: This type of bread is made of fermented dough which is healthier and nutritious than the regular white bread. It contains a good amount of vitamins, minerals and antioxidants.

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  • Miso soup: The traditional Japanese soup is made of miso paste, an essential ingredient in several Japanese recipes. Miso paste is made of fermented soya beans and has a salty flavor. Other than miso soup, you might also use miso paste to make ramen, paste, rice or proteins such as beef, fish and chicken.

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  • Pickles: There are several types of pickled vegetables such as kimchi, cucumber, carrot, radish or onion. They are all healthy, probiotic foods to help bad breath.

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  • Kombucha:  What drink kills bad breath? It’s definitely this trendy drink which is already familiar to many healthy eaters. It contains beneficial bacteria that are great for your body and also your breath.

    foods to help bad breath Source: Picked Plum

3. How To Cure Bad Breath Permanently?

Apart from consuming more of these foods to help bad breath, it is vital to find out the main causes of your issue. Poor habits and genetic factors are usually the main causes. Especially someone with higher stomach acids might easily face this problem. However, poor dental hygiene and diet might be improved by daily habits that you should definite follow strictly. 

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