Find Out What Happens If You Eat Dessert Everyday

A dessert is a perfect treat at the end of a full course meal. However, it is usually linked with guilt because of the high amount of sugar in the delicious, creamy and sweet dishes. What happens if you eat dessert everyday? Is it really that bad as we always think it is? 

In this post, let’s find out the pros and cons of having a sweet treat everyday. It might also be harmful and beneficial due to how you eat it. 

what happens if you eat dessert everyday

1. It Boosts Your Energy 

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Desserts are not always full of junk. There are several options which are packed with healthy nutrients such as fruits, yogurt, nuts as seeds. They are great food sources for vitamins, fiber, antioxidants and minerals. Other than that, if you are planning on putting on some weight healthily, you might feel free to add a full dessert to your diet. They are nutritious as long as you choose them wisely.

2. It Boosts Your Mood 

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It is not a coincidence when a dessert is called a treat. It is definitely a perfect way to lift up your spirit especially when you are suffering from stress and anxiety. Scientists showed that sweets such as ice cream, cake and pie help reduce stress and anxiety. The human brain automatically craves for some sweet foods when it feels stressed out and worn out. 

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This kind of explains why many people seek ice cream or snacks after an unfortunate event such as a breakup, a divorce or a failure that they did not want to happen. Moreover, desserts also help encourage your appetite. When you are resistant to foods of any kind, sweetness helps to improve your relationship with foods in general. 

3. What Are Possible Risks To Your Health? 

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What happens if you eat dessert everyday other than the above positive consequences? Obviously, there are also several risks for your health because desserts are usually high in unhealthy fat and natural sugar. These are like the opposite of nutrients that we want in our bodies. As a result, it might cause several health issues relating to your cholesterol level, heart, insulin level and so so many more. 

However, it does not mean that you should cut them off completely. There are several tips on how to eat dessert and stay skinny. First, you should consider healthy desserts such as keto-waffles, keto ice cream or keto crepe. These recipes might be found on our website. Secondly, when you have so little time that you cannot prepare your own food, the rule is to keep your desserts within a few bites. One or two tablespoons of ice cream daily does not affect your health drastically. However, one of two cups per day is obviously a problem.

This rule applies to every other kind of food. It does not matter what food you eat but how much of it you eat. As long as you are satisfied and get to taste the amazing food, being strict with your diet is meaningless when you cannot enjoy all the great foods in this world. 

4. The Bottom Line 

what happens if you eat dessert everydaySource: Delish

To sum up, is it okay to eat a dessert everyday? Yes it definitely is. But you have to control yourself and control the food, the amount you consume. Then, there is nothing awful about it. We hope that you already have an answer for the question what happens if you eat dessert everyday. 

For more amazing cooking and healthy tips, visit out website frequently. We update daily with the easiest clean eating recipes and even more.

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