9 Absolutely Fresh Salad of Peach Recipes To Brighten Up Your Table

Peach recipes of salad in summer are always in menu of many cooks. If you want to give your greens and vegetables a bit of color and a sweet, seasonal flavor? Consider adding some fresh peaches to the mixture. Your summertime salads will definitely improve with the farmers’ market favorite. This compilation of our freshest peach recipes salad will help you create a new summertime favorite, whether you’re searching for a light and hearty main meal to offer on a warm night or a quick side dish to go with grilled chicken or fish.

Let’s check it out to know your favorite peach recipes of salad!

9 Absolutely Fresh Salad of Peach Recipes To Brighten Up Your Table

1. Peach recipes salad of tomato, and fried farro  with burrata

Peach recipes salad of tomato, and fried farro  with burrataSource: foodandwine

This salad, according to recipe developer, cookbook author, and F&W Cooks contributor Ann Taylor Pittman, “has the appealing combination of luscious peaches and even juicier tomatoes that are delicately coated in just enough dressing to moisten—so that nothing overpowers the flavors of the fruit.” “Burrata chunks are a lovely addition to this dish, providing opulent richness that, once again, does not overpower the fruit.” The greatest part might be the sprinkle of fried farro. “The grains have an enticing nutty-earthy flavor and are beautifully crunchy, like small corn nuts.”

2. Tomato and peach salad with crisp tofu

Tomato-and-Peach Salad with Crisp TofuSource: foodandwine

In this outstanding summer tomato salad, chef Hugh Acheson blends sweet, salty, spicy, and acidic flavors by combining peaches, pickled serrano chiles, and crisp tofu with a zingy ginger-lime vinaigrette. If you’d like, serve the salad with a fruity rosé that is based on Pinot Noir.

3. Salad peach recipes

Salad peach recipesSource: loveandlemons

You can make a salad in the late summer and add a few juicy peaches. They go so well with other peak-season fruits, including summer herbs, tomatoes, and maize, because of their sweet flavor.

4. Salad panzanella

Salad panzanellaSource: loveandlemons

This filling bread salad honors seasonal produce! It includes heirloom tomatoes, loads of basil, fresh sweet corn, and, of course, peaches. You may serve it as a side dish or eat it by itself for a quick dinner.

5. Salad with shaved fennel

Salad with shaved fennelSource: loveandlemons

Love herbal teas? If so, you’ll enjoy this salad. I top it with dollops of pesto after sprinkling it with basil and mint.

6. Salad of balsamic-grilled steak and peaches

Salad of balsamic-grilled steak and peachesSource: delish

The peppery arugula serves as the ideal vehicle for this savory-sweet combination, and summertime simply doesn’t get any better than ripe, juicy peaches. Although we enjoy dishes with bits of strange blue cheese, feta is also a great option.

7. Arugula salad and grilled peaches with spiced pork tenderloin

Arugula salad and grilled peaches with spiced pork tenderloinSource: delish

Juicy pork tenderloin, spicy arugula, and sweet peaches go together beautifully. If you don’t have Chinese five spice, you can substitute garam masala or a mixture of cayenne pepper, cinnamon, and crushed cloves. However, Chinese five-spice adds a delightfully unexpected twist to the meat.

8. Peach recipes with kale salad

Peach recipes with kale saladSource: allrecipes

This peach-kale salad with crumbled goat cheese has a sweet and savory dressing made with apple cider vinegar, honey, ginger, and garlic paste as the last flourish.

9. Peach and pecan salad with spinach

Peach and pecan salad with spinachSource: allrecipes

This straightforward salad just calls for four fresh ingredients: baby spinach, luscious peaches, pecans, and poppy seed salad dressing.

Have you been surprised at how variable peach recipes are with salad? I hope you enjoy the color, taste of juicy peaches in summer! Check out our website for more inspiring recipes.




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