Dinners With Chicken Drumsticks With 6 Wonderful Recipes

Chicken drumsticks are one of the favorite dishes of many people, especially children. Chicken contains many nutrients, especially protein. It is the main group of substances that form the structure of cells and affect the development of human weight, height, and brain. Having dinners with chicken drumsticks are really good for your health. dinners with chicken drumsticks

1. Crispy Baked Chicken Drumsticks

Crispy Baked Chicken DrumsticksSource: Chicken Recipe

Baked chicken drumsticks are considered a dish loved by all families because of their attractive taste. This crispy baked chicken drumsticks dish is great and easy to cook. All you need are fresh chicken drumsticks and some seasoning such as smoked paprika, salt, pepper, etc. The secret ingredient that makes the chicken drumsticks crispy is baking powder. Making dinners with crispy baked chicken drumsticks is a great idea.

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2. Dinners With Fried Chicken Drumsticks

Dinners With Fried Chicken DrumsticksSource: The Spruce Eats

Fried chicken drumsticks must be a familiar dish for those who love to eat fast food. But eating at the restaurant will be quite expensive. Easy and Healthy Recipes will reveal to you how to make fried chicken drumsticks so that you can make them at home. You can eat fried chicken drumsticks with spicy chili sauce and a sip of coke. Let’s go to the kitchen now.

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3. Roast Chicken Drumsticks

Roast Chicken DrumsticksSource: Delish.com

Roasted chicken drumsticks have beautiful golden brown and crispy skin. When enjoying dinners with roast chicken drumsticks, you will clearly feel the crispness of the skin and the softness of the meat inside. The meat still retains its sweetness. So to make crispy roasted chicken, what ingredients do you need to prepare? And is it difficult to make? Let’s find out in this recipe.

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4. Dinners With Chicken Drumsticks With A Slow Cooker

Dinners With Chicken Drumsticks With A Slow CookerSource: Taste

Cooking chicken drumsticks in a slow cooker can preserve the nutrition of the chicken. The flavor of the dish is extremely delicious. Chicken cooked in the slow cooker is soft and delicious. This dish will definitely make the elderly in your family satisfied. Let’s refer to the details of how to cook dinners with chicken drumsticks in a slow cooker in the link below.

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5. Lemon Baked Chicken Drumsticks

Lemon Baked Chicken DrumsticksSource: Punchfork

Compared with familiar chicken dishes, chicken with lemon sauce attracts people because of its new and delicious taste. Moreover, this dish is also quite simple and easy to make.

If you feel bored with greasy dishes such as fried, stir-fried, etc., try baked chicken drumsticks with lemon sauce. The crispy chicken part with the sweet and sour taste of the lemon sauce will make dinners more wonderful. Let’s see how to make delicious lemon chicken in an oven with us.

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6. Instant Pot Chicken Drumsticks

Instant Pot Chicken DrumsticksSource: A Pressure Cooker Kitchen

Instant pot chicken drumsticks are the best dish for those who want to keep the freshness of chicken. Chicken stew in an instant pot is one of the healthiest chicken dishes. The chicken is stewed with other ingredients within 30 minutes. The chicken drumsticks are soft, juicy, and easily fall off the bone.

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There are many different ways to cook chicken drumsticks. Easy and Healthy Recipes has introduced you to how to make dishes with chicken drumsticks. Save the recipes and cook for your family.

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