The Incredibly Simple 2 Ingredients Ice Cream that Will Change Your Life Forever

Throw away your ice cream maker, fancy ingredients, and even the stove, as we have got a 2 ingredients ice cream recipe for you that is so simple it can even change your life forever. “Real ice cream?” You’re asking? Yes, you can manufacture ice cream in only 3 easy steps using only cream and sweetened condensed milk. This 2 ingredients ice cream will surely impress all of your friends and family and keep them coming back for more every time. You might never desire store-bought ice cream again since this treat is so delicious and simple to create. The recipe is simple to make and will become a staple.

2 Ingredients Ice Cream

This approach is the ideal way to explain the science of ice cream because it is so straightforward. As a result, we’ll go into great detail about the functions of cream and sweetened condensed milk. We’ll examine how they can replace so many other items in recipes!


The Incredibly Simple 2 Ingredients Ice Cream


  • 1-pint heavy whipping cream
  • 1 (14-ounce) can sweeten condensed milk
  • Vanilla extract is optional


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According to scientists, ice cream is made up of the following 4 elements:

  • Air bubbles: Your ice cream needs air bubbles to be light and scoopable. Getting air bubbles into your ice cream is difficult and is often the most challenging part of making ice cream.
  • Ice Crystal: Water freezes and forms ice crystals, which hardens the ice cream. The ice cream needs crystals to be robust, but not too many or it would become frozen. To avoid a grainy texture in your ice cream, the ice crystals should be tiny enough.
  • Sugar:  Due to sugar syrup’s different freezing temperatures, not all of the water in your ice cream freezes. Some of it remains liquid as part of the sugar syrup as a result of the freezing point depression, preventing your ice cream from becoming completely solid.
  • Fat Crystals: All of the fat in ice cream exist as solid crystals. Ice cream gets creamier with more fat.

Each component must be present in sufficient quantities to maintain the ice cream’s equilibrium with no exceptions, even with this 2 Ingredients ice cream recipe. They all must also be thoroughly integrated and distributed.


1. At this stage we’re trying to add air to a liquid, which results in the creation of foam. By vigorously whisking the liquid, you can integrate air into the ice cream since the air will become stuck inside. Foams, in the meanwhile, are infamously unstable and therefore try to release air. Therefore, you need to figure out a means to guarantee that the ice cream’s air seal is intact.

Hence, we employ a novel technique for this 2-ingredient ice cream: whipping the cream! High-fat content cream is effective in retaining air. The whipped-in air bubbles are stabilized by the fat crystals in the cream.


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2. After thoroughly whipping up your cream, it’s time to add some condensed milk to the mixture. It is important to choose the ratio of cream: sweetened condensed milk mix well. Too much sugar will make for very sweet ice cream. Too little will make the ice cream bland and hard.

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3. Transfer the mixture to a shallow container and cover it with plastic wrap; freeze until solid for about 6 hours. You should aim to freeze it at a minimum of -18°C (0°F). Some of the water in the freezer will turn into ice crystals, but the remaining portion will remain a liquid sugar solution.

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