9 Creative Recipes Using Ricotta Cheese To Make Your Day

Italian fresh cheese, also known as ricotta has a soft, fluffy texture and a mildly sweet flavor. Recipes using ricotta cheese often like to exploit its moderate flavor and adaptability of the ingredient to complement both savory and sweet meals. The majority of the protein in ricotta comes from whey. Whey, a milk protein, is rich in vital amino acids, supports muscular building, and decreases blood pressure and cholesterol.

Recipes Using Ricotta CheeseRicotta is a versatile ingredient that takes recipes to a whole new level in everything from appetizers to desserts. Today on Easy and Healthy Recipes, we would like to introduce you to some recipes using ricotta cheese to satisfy your sweet or savory cravings, depending on your mood.

9 Creative Recipes Using Ricotta Cheese To Make Your Day

1. Lemon Ricotta Pasta

Ricotta Cheese, Lemon Ricotta PastaSource: theclevermeal

This delicious pasta and ricotta can be prepared in less than 15 minutes. Only very little work is required to assemble this no-cook sauce, simple fresh ingredients, and delicious flavor together.

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2. Sun-dried Tomato Pesto

Ricotta Cheese, Sun-dried Tomato PestoSource: simplyrecipes

This delicious, quick-to-prepare sun-dried tomato and ricotta pesto sauce will go perfectly with some spaghetti. If you want to prepare some excellent dinners quickly, you’ll adore these one-pot pasta dishes and quick pasta recipes.

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3. Easy One-Bowl Ricotta and Raspberry Cake 

Ricotta Cheese, Easy One-Bowl Ricotta and Raspberry Cake Source: theclevermeal

You’ll adore this luscious raspberry ricotta cake, which is filled with vanilla flavor and brimming with juicy, fresh raspberries. Additionally, it’s simple, basic, and only requires one dish, and it always turns out delicious.

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4. Italian Lemon Cake

Ricotta Cheese, Italian Lemon CakeSource: anitalianinmykichen

This amazing ricotta cake was inspired by the Italian sbrisolona. Similarly to the sbrisolona, this lemon cake recipe is to die for with its crispy crumble and creamy ricotta interior containing undertones of lemon. This recipe is perfect for you if you’re looking for ricotta dessert ideas!

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5. Whipped ricotta bowls with roasted pears

Ricotta Cheese, Whipped ricotta bowls with roasted pearsSource: runningtothekitchen

Many people choose yogurt as their go-to healthy breakfast or snack, but did you know that ricotta can be used in place of yogurt? According to nutritionists, ricotta frequently contains more protein and less sugar. Add fruit, nuts, or oats to a bowl of ricotta. Or use it as a creamy base in your preferred smoothie.

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6. Barilla Lasagna

Ricotta Cheese, Barilla LasagnaSource: barilla

Italian comfort meal at its best is Barilla lasagna. It’s stuffed with irresistible ooey gooey, cheesy delight. This delicious recipe contains some Barilla wavy lasagna stacked with Barilla marinara sauce, Italian sausage, and three kinds of cheese. Everything is then baked to perfection.

Although you can use any type of cheese, traditional Italian cheeses are ricotta, mozzarella, and parmesan.

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7. Spinach and Ricotta Stuffed Shells

Ricotta Cheese, Spinach and Ricotta Stuffed ShellsSource: forkknifeswoon

This packed pasta recipe is one of our staff’s guilty pleasures. Each large shell is stuffed to the gills with a delicious, abundant cheese filling.

You should immediately fry up some spinach with garlic to go along with this dish. Combine it with ricotta made from skim milk, parmesan, basil, and an egg for binding. Fill those enormous shells to the brim, then bake until they begin to brown.

Prepare yourselves because tonight, everyone will be a member of the clean plate club.

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8. Loaded calzone with chicken and veggies

Ricotta Cheese, Loaded calzone with chicken and veggiesSource: eatthis

Since a calzone is essentially a stuffed pizza, who doesn’t enjoy a crispy crust that is crammed full of flavorful ingredients? With the addition of creamy ricotta cheese that will ooze out the moment you pull the dough apart, this particular calzone is packed with protein and healthy vegetables.

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9. Cannolis

Ricotta Cheese, CannolisSource: cookingclassy

The cannoli is a classic Italian delicacy with a crispy, fried shell and a ricotta filling that has been sweetened. For an added flourish, you’re welcome to sprinkle on some chocolate chips and pistachios.

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