7 Delicious And Simple Meals To Cook For Your Family

Making family meals every day is making you have a headache? Then let Easy and healthy Recipes suggest 7 simple and delicious meals to cook for your family. We’re sure that these meals are delicious and full of nutrition with an extremely simple way of cooking. Let’s go to the kitchen to show off your talent. meals to cook

1. Meals To Cook With Pork Ramen

Meals To Cook With Pork RamenSource: Delicious

Ramen is a traditional noodle of the Japanese. This dish is very popular and loved by many people because of its delicious and nutritious taste. Delicious pork ramen noodles have broth with flavors of bones and vegetables. The flavor from eggs and attractive char siu meat served with a few slices of seaweed, and a little onion makes this dish wonderful.

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2. Meals To Cook With Chicken Curry

Chicken CurrySource: Food & Wine

This delicious chicken curry is easy to make and will make your meals even more delicious. The spicy flavor combines well-marinated potatoes, chicken, and soft carrots mixed in a sweet soup that makes the chicken curry very attractive. Let’s see how to cook meals with chicken curry below.

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3. Spaghetti With Avocado Sauce

Spaghetti With Avocado SauceSource: The Kitchn

If your family is preparing to hold a party but does not know what meals to cook, please refer to the following delicious spaghetti with avocado sauce. This dish looks sophisticated but has a very simple way of cooking. Spaghetti with the avocado sauce not only is eye-catching but also smells delicious. When trying this dish, you will feel the soft noodles combined with the fatty avocado sauce.

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4. One-pot Carbonara Pasta Bake

One-pot Carbonara Pasta BakeSource: myfoodbook

How to make a Carbonara Pasta Bake is extremely simple. So with just a few simple steps to cook meals, you have a plate of delicious Carbonara Pasta Bake. The combination of chewy noodles, cheese, and bacon makes this dish more charming.

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5. Meals To Cook With Hong Kong Egg Tarts

Hong Kong Egg TartsSource: Saveur

Egg tarts are one of the world’s favorite foods. This dish can be served for breakfast or as a dessert. Egg tarts have 2 main parts, including the crust and the filling. Therefore, to make good egg tarts, you need to prepare the right and sufficient ingredients for both parts.

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6. Thai-style Beef Stir-fry

Thai-style Beef Stir-frySource: Taste

Stir-fried beef with basil is a delicious and famous dish in Thailand. This dish is quite simple to prepare but its taste will make anyone will remember it forever. With the spicy taste of chili, the aroma of beef and basil, along with the fatty taste of the omelet combined with the flavor of the sauce, it will conquer everyone’s taste.

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7. Salmon With Orange Sauce

Salmon With Orange SauceSource: Recetin

Are you looking for an easy salmon recipe? Salmon with orange sauce will be a delicious and healthy dish for your family meals to cook. With just a few pieces of pan-fried salmon fillet combined with a sour orange sauce, accompanied by some rice or some broccoli, you have an extremely delicious and fancy salmon dish.

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Hopefully, with Easy and Healthy Recipes sharing, you can choose good meals to cook. Do not hesitate to contact us if you have any questions.

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