Healthy and Yummy Keto Yogurt To Fall in Love With

Keto Yogurt might sound like a strange idea, but it is a necessity for many people on a ketogenic craving the taste of this dessert. It can be challenging to navigate the yogurt world because there are so many brands, flavors, and varieties—especially if you’re following a diet like the ketogenic one! 

Keto YogurtA lot of time it can be difficult to determine which brands of storebought yogurt are safe to consume because sometimes it’s healthy for you and other times it’s not. This concern is especially real when ingredient lists can be unclear or even outright misleading.

Fortunately for you, Easy and Healthy Recipes has got your back with our very own keto yogurt recipe for you to put your doubts to rest once and for all. This healthy keto yogurt is guaranteed to be delicious as it is healthy, so much so that you might even want to switch over to it without being on a keto diet at all. And the best part is that it is so simple to make anyone can prepare it in no time.


Healthy and Yummy Keto Yogurt To Fall in Love With

1. What is Keto Yogurt?

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Unlike standard sugar-added yogurt made from dairy products, our keto yogurt is made using coconut milk and probiotic tablets. You don’t need any yogurt maker machine or expensive kitchen appliances. The pricey high-end ingredients are also not needed to make yogurt. This keto yogurt is low in sugar and carbs. It has a minimal carbohydrate content and no added sugar whatsoever.

Unfortunately, this yogurt is somewhat sour and not to everyone’s taste. The solution is to use low-carb fruit, flavor extracts, and other sweetener ingredients to add flavor it.You guys will never again purchase yogurt from the store. The consistency of this yogurt is rich, silky, and creamy, and you can always make it thicker if you want to! It has the same tangy, tart flavor as any fine yogurt.

2. Ingredients Required

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 You’ll appreciate how few ingredients are needed to produce this recipe. Probiotic tablets are available from most grocery stores and pharmacies. What you’ll need is as follows:

  • Coconut milk in a can—Use coconut milk in a can that has few additives or thickeners. Full fat and NOT from a carton are requirements!
  • Probiotic capsules- use the capsules ones, not the pills kind. The capsules will be opened, and the powder and yogurt will then be combined. To ensure that the yogurt turns out as needed, be sure that the probiotic pills do not contain any prebiotics.
  • Swerve sweetener- this is completely optional, however as we have warned above that this yogurt can be somewhat sour in its unflavored form
  • Fruit extracts- use any flavor you want, just as long as your extracts are keto-friendly

3. Instructions for Keto Yogurt

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 1/ First, pour your coconut milk into a glass mixing bowl after giving it a good shake. The coconut milk should be thoroughly whisked until it is smooth and free of clumps. The probiotic tablets should then be opened and added to the coconut milk. Gently blend by combining all at once. Add any of the optional flavored ingredients during this phase.

2/ After that, drape a cheesecloth or cloth napkin over the glass bowl’s top and secure it in place with a rubber band. Allow the yogurt to set for 24 to 48 hours at room temperature. After the period, taste the yogurt; if you’d like it tarter, cover it once more and let it sit for an additional 24 hours.

3/ Finally, place the yogurt in the refrigerator and chill for several hours before enjoying it.

4. Freezing and Storing

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Yogurt should be kept in the refrigerator for up to 7 days, covered.

The yogurt can only be frozen if it has been strained through a fine mesh sieve. The yogurt can be kept in a sealed container for as long as 6 months.


Hopefully, the above suggestions will help you easily prepare meals for your family. Don’t forget to visit Easy and Healthy Recipes to update other delicious recipes.

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