How To Make Keto Rice From Cauliflower In 5 Minutes

Cutting down rice while following a keto or low-carb diet plan is painful sometimes, especially for rice-lovers. It’s warm, it’s soft and sweeter as you chew. This keto rice recipe will help you to solve this problem. 

From this cauliflower rice, there are several ways to turn it into another tasty dish such as fried rice, poke bowl or even risotto. Even though it cannot be compared to the delicious, full-of-carb regular rice, it’s much healthier and better for your weight. Most significantly, it’s not difficult to master. Cauliflower rice is often sold as bags in the store but homemade one is definitely fresher and more flavorful. 

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1. How To Make Keto Rice From Cauliflower 

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You will need cauliflower, obviously. Besides, you need a good food processor. It helps you to turn cauliflower into rice. Rinse the cauliflower carefully with water. Then, just simply put the cut cauliflower into the food processor and let it do the job. You want your keto rice to look exactly like rice. Therefore, when it is about the size of the actual rice, stop the processor. There is another optional step that makes it crunchier and lasts longer which is to remove remaining water. This technique also requires a large paper towel or absorbent dish towel. Put the rice into the paper towel and start to press until there is less moisture. Then, it’s ready to go.

2. Keto Rice Recipes 

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There are many different ways to cook this “rice”. Riced cauliflower is delicious once stir-fried with some olive oil, a pinch of salt or soy sauce. Fish sauce could also be a nice substitute. Cook it for about 5 minutes until softened and tender. This is basically the easiest way to cook it. 

Furthermore, it might be turned into a nice fried rice dish. You can use some peas, carrots, ham and an egg. All you need to do is to cook them well in a frying pan. There are several seasoning options as well with salt, pepper, paprika powder and some cheese as well. 

3. Any Keto Rice Substitute? 

keto rice substitute Source: Green And Keto

Apart from cauliflower rice, konjac rice is also a great option. It’s low in carbohydrate and rich in fiber, and flavor too. It also looks a lot like regular rice. However, it usually comes in a bag therefore you should consider the extra addons such as preservatives. Fortunately, it might be frozen and kept for quite a long time. If you keep it in the cool fridge, remember to use it within 3 days only. 

If you find this post helpful, there are thousands other keto recipes for you to discover right here. 

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