5 Super Easy Pie Recipes

Pie is considered the oldest cake appearing from the Egyptian Stone Age more than 9500 years ago. However, the pie was only known to many people when it officially appeared in the dictionary “The Oxford Companion to Food”. Very quickly, pie was loved and enjoyed by Europeans often. There are several ways to make pie. This article, Easy and Healthy Recipes will show you the 5 best and easy pie recipes. pie recipes

1. Pie Recipes: Apple Pie

Pie Recipes: Apple PieSource: The Pioneer Woman

The most popular pie is apple pie. Apple pie is a cake originating from Europe with a fairly simple way of making. If you are just getting started with baking, this is a pretty ideal choice. Apple pie is very familiar, but not everyone knows how to make it. Easy and Healthy Recipes would like to share with you a quick and easy way that we believe is suitable for those who do not like sweets. A little sour, and sweet, with a crispy, warm crust will make your day. This apple pie recipe has quite a few steps and requires you to be patient.

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2. Meat Pie

Source: Eat, Little Bird

Meat pies are a delicious dessert for meat eaters. You can make a pie in any size. The process of making meat pie is simple and fun so it will be a great activity for the whole family. You can use ingredients like potatoes, carrots, beans, and ground beef to create a delicious meat pie. With just a few simple ingredients, you can make a yummy meat pie for an upcoming gathering or party.

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3. Strawberry Pie

Strawberry PieSource: Insanely Good Recipes

Strawberry pie is always an attractive dish for children. The crispy taste of the crust mixes with the fragrant aroma of cinnamon and its sweet and sour taste. There’s nothing like a beautiful crispy strawberry pie that’s the dessert for the whole family’s weekend meal. Do you want to make your own delicious, sweet strawberry pies to treat your whole family? View the recipe below to learn how to make a strawberry pie.

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4. Key Lime Pie

Key Lime PieSource: Imperial Sugar

Key lime pie is an easy cake to make and is especially popular in the West. So if you want to find a key lime pie recipe, it’s not difficult at all. This pie is not too sweet, and the aroma of lemon is not overwhelmed by the smell of condensed milk. Key lime pie is very quick and simple to make.

This is a very summer dessert for sweet lovers. The fresh lime flavor is balanced with the fleshy, sweet taste of the peel and the cream of the pie. Condensed milk is used as the main ingredient, but it is not sweet but makes the creamy filling very attractive.

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5. Pie Recipes: Pumpkin Pie

Pumpkin PieSource: Very Best Baking

Have you ever wanted to thank someone from the bottom of your heart? Do you find it difficult to convey your sincerity through words? So let the pumpkin pie is the bridge. Pumpkin pie will be an interesting choice and also one of the traditional sweets of the day. Send your thanks to your beloved ones with a pumpkin pie.

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These 5 pie recipes are really suitable for everyone. Try them right now to make delicious pies for your friends and family. Join Easy and Healthy Recipes to know more wonderful pie recipes.

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