7 Excellent Dinners With Chicken Legs (Fast & Easy)

Chicken legs are a very popular dish because they are very simple, delicious, and easy to eat. Follow the list of 6 wonderful dinners with chicken legs to cook for your family. Let’s go to the kitchen! dinners with chicken legs

1. Dinners with chicken legs and spicy sauce

chicken legs and spicy sauceSource: Food Network

Chicken legs with spicy sauce are a favorite dish of many people, especially those who like spicy food. With a very simple way to prepare, in just 30 minutes, you will have super spicy chicken legs with rice. Spicy chicken legs with a crispy outer shell and sweet and spicy taste will definitely be a very special dish.

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2. Fried chicken legs with butter

Fried chicken legs with butterSource: The Spruce Eats

Butter-fried garlic chicken legs are the perfect combination of ingredients such as sugar, garlic, chili, onions, and butter. These ingredients make the dish more delicious. The chicken is tender on the inside, and crispy on the outside.

With only 30 minutes of preparation, there is a super delicious and super attractive dish for your family. Don’t hesitate to try cooking your dinners with chicken legs!

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3. Buttery garlic fried chicken legs

Buttery garlic fried chicken legsSource: PERDUE

Fried chicken legs with garlic butter are one of the popular dishes at any restaurant. With the combination of butter and garlic, this dish is really mouth-watery. Fried chicken legs with soft meat and crispy skin. There is no word to describe the feeling when enjoying this wonderful dish. Don’t hesitate to try this super good dish for your beloved family.

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4. Dinners with fried chicken legs and honey

Dinners with fried chicken legs and honeySource: Unilever Food Solutions Philippines

When it comes to dinners with chicken, it is impossible to ignore the mouth-watering honey-fried chicken legs. With a combination of sweet and salty, this is definitely going to be your favorite dish. With only 30 minutes of preparation, you will have a delicious meal with your family right away. Try it now.

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5. Grilled chicken legs with garlic butter

Grilled chicken legs with garlic butterSource: Craving Tasty

Grilled chicken legs with garlic butter will make you unable to resist. With a simple preparation of ingredients, it’s not difficult for you not to make this dish for your family. Especially on weekends or when raining, this grilled dish is extremely attractive.

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6. Grilled chicken legs with honey

Grilled chicken legs with honeySource: Home & Plate

Grilled chicken legs are coated with a golden brown layer of honey, mixed with sweet, salty, and sour flavors from a special sauce. This dish is very great to eat on holidays and weekends. Check out the recipe for this dish below!

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7. Dinners with chicken legs and black pepper sauce

chicken legs and black pepper sauceSource: Sherbakes

Chicken legs with black pepper sauce are easy to make and easy to eat. Black pepper chicken legs are very suitable for eating with your family. Go to the kitchen and make this dish right away. Chicken legs with black pepper sauce take only 30 minutes to cook.

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