Top 8 Delicious And Easy Dinners With Chicken Breast

Chicken breast has many nutrients good for the body. It is easy to buy and cook many delicious dishes. In this article, Easy and Healthy Recipes will suggest to you 8 delicious dinners with chicken breast. Save these recipes to add to the menu. Let’s go to the kitchen to make them. dinners with chicken breast

1. Pan-fried chicken breast

Pan-fried chicken breastSource: The Almond Eater

One of the simple ways to prepare and keep the freshness of chicken breast is to pan-fry. Pan-fried chicken breast is soft and can be eaten with many different sauces. This dish is sure to make you eat without getting bored. Pan-fried chicken breast is easily served with a variety of vegetables such as cucumbers, cherry tomatoes, lettuce, etc.

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2. Dinners with chicken breast salad

chicken breast saladSource: Eat Smarter

For those who love a healthy lifestyle, chicken breast salad is an easy-to-cook dish. This is the perfect combination of chicken breast, vegetables, and sauces like roasted sesame sauce or vinegar.

You can flexibly choose different vegetables to diversify this dish. This delicious salad is both low in calories and full of nutrition.

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3. Stir-fried chicken breast

Stir-fried chicken breastSource: Downshiftology

Stir-fried chicken breast is a very popular dish because of its delicious flavor. Chicken is stir-fried with a variety of colorful vegetables. You can choose the ingredients to stir-fry with.

To enjoy this dish, you can use it with soy sauce or chili sauce. With stir-fried dishes without sauce, you can eat them with mushrooms, green beans, asparagus, etc.

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4. Grilled chicken breast

Grilled chicken breastSource: Simply Recipes

To make the chicken breast more attractive, you can try making grilled dishes from chicken breast. Chicken breast after grilling will have a beautiful golden brown color. The sauces sprinkled on the chicken also add to the deliciousness of the dish.

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5. Fried chicken breast

Fried chicken breastSource: Classic Recipes

When on diet, we will usually try to limit the fat. However, sometimes you can use chicken breast to cook some fried dishes in a healthier way to not get bored. After frying, the breast has a beautiful golden color. The outer layer of the chicken breast is crispy, and the inside still retains its softness and natural sweetness.

This is also a dish that you can eat with many different sauces such as sweet and sour sauce, spicy sauce or honey sauce, etc.

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6. Dinners with chicken breast smoothie

chicken breast smoothieSource: Youtube

Next is a dish that sounds strange and a bit difficult to eat. However, the taste of this smoothie is extremely delicious and nutritious. The way to prepare this dish is also very simple and quick. It only takes a few minutes to make. You will have a nutritious smoothie, good for the body and building muscle.

Eating a bowl of chicken breast smoothie in the morning also provides enough energy for you to have an active study and work session.

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7. Dinners with chicken breast with orange sauce

Dinners with chicken breast with orange sauceSource: Where Is My Spoon

A dish that is both beautiful and tastes good that you and your family should try on weekends is chicken breast with orange sauce. The chicken breast is chewy and delicious with sweet and sour orange sauce. You can try to cook these dinners with the chicken breast at home. This dish is certainly delicious as served at the restaurants.

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8. Steamed chicken breast

Steamed chicken breastSource: Cooking With Steam

If you don’t like greasy dishes, you can try steamed chicken breast dishes to easily enjoy the natural flavor of chicken breast. Chicken breast after steaming still remains moist. Not only dieters, but this dish is also worth trying for everyone. You can eat steamed chicken breast with any sauce.

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We hope that these 8 simple dinners with chicken breast make your day. Don’t hesitate to contact Easy and Healthy Recipes if you have any questions.

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