5 Healthy Eating Habits For Elderly Of Your Family

There are several healthy eating habits for elderly that your family seniors should follow to have better health. As one gets older, his body faces several changes inside out. Therefore, it’s vital to remember what should be taken in sufficiently and what should be avoided. 

The following tips might sound simple. Apparently, they are actually quite simple to follow. The elderly are usually taking well care of their diet, health and lifestyle so that it would be easier for them than for the youngsters. 

healthy eating habits for elderly

1. Stay Emotionally And Physically Stable 

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This is the most important factor for seniors to be happy and healthy. First and foremost, they need to keep the stress and worry away from their daily life. The majority of older people are depressed for so many reasons such as getting older and older, feeling stressful and anxious, being afraid of loneliness,… As a result, all these negative emotions are harmful to their health. Seniors should socialize frequently, most ideally outside their family. 

Making friends and participating in different communities are great options to stabilize mental and physical health. Light exercising is also highly recommended such as jogging, yoga, mediating. They are great to relieve stress and make people feel relaxed. Even though these are not actually healthy eating habits for elderly, they are as important. 

2. Avoid These Types Of Foods As Much As Possible 

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Those are processed meats (which are very high in sodium, saturated fats and preservatives), over-sweetened foods (which increase insulin level and result in diabetes), junk foods (which are poor in nutrients), oily foods such as fries (which are high-cholesterol and high-fat). All these foods are not nutritious and helpful to their body systems at all. Therefore, the more they cut down these foods, the healthier they might be. Alcohols and caffeine drinks are also suggested to be limited to their diet. 

3. Focus On Nutrient-Rich Foods 

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Nutrient-rich foods such as vegetables, fruits, nuts, beans, whole grains and lean meats are not only beneficial to younger people but also older ones. They are confirmed to be the healthiest food sources that people of all ages should focus on for a better health and lifestyle. “You are what you eat.” Moreover, supplements such as vitamins, irons, and calcium are also recommended for people of older ages. In particular, they should definitely eat enough fiber for a better digestive system. Many seniors are struggling with digestive symptoms. 

4. Drink Enough Water 

healthy eating habits for elderly Source: UCLA

Staying hydrated is essential to all age ranges. However, as the elderly tend to be less active than when they were young, they do not feel thirsty because they do not sweat that much. The right amount of water daily is from 2 to 2.5 liters. It might be consumed from other sources such as vegetables, fruits, soups or beverages. 

5. Home-Cooking Is Always The Best Choice 

healthy eating habits for elderly Source: PrimeCarers

Even though there are several convenient ways to prepare meals nowadays, home-cooking is still the best choice for families with seniors. Then, you might completely take control of your family’s diet and eating habits. It’s time-saving, healthy and a way to connect family members. Feeling connected with their family members means a lot to the elderly. 

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