Top 9 Perfect Breakfast Bowls For Better Mornings

As you know, the most crucial meal of the day is breakfast, but there isn’t much time to prepare something filling that will keep you going all morning between getting ready for work and getting the kids out the door.

Too many of us reach for a grab-and-go snack or a bowl of unimpressive cereal as our preferred options. Or, even worse, we don’t eat breakfast at all. However, things don’t have to be that way. Recipes that are quick, simple, and satisfying actually exist. And we have the idea for the breakfast menu to back it up. Greetings, breakfast bowl!

Keep reading to explore 9 recipes of breakfast bowl, that are quickly prepared and nutritious enough to keep you going all morning!

Top 9 Perfect Breakfast Bowls For Better Mornings

1. Chia & flax seed breakfast bowl

Chia & flax seed breakfast bowlSource: welnesswithtaryn

Time-constrained in the morning? Try Wellness With Taryn ‘s delicious, prepare-ahead chia and flax pudding. Chia, flax, and coconut milk should be combined in a mason jar and chilled overnight. It is prepared to serve in the morning. You can dress it up with chopped prunes, toasted coconut, sliced kiwi, almonds, or any other available toppings.

2. Mermaid spirulina smoothie bowl

Mermaid spirulina smoothie bowlSource: createnourishlove

With this smoothie bowl from Create.Nourish.Love that is mermaid-inspired, embrace your inner mermaid. The blue-green algae superfood spirulina provides a gorgeous seafoam color.

3. Bacon, egg and kale bowl

Bacon, egg and kale bowlSource: prevention

This protein-packed breakfast bowl is exactly what your morning needs. Made with antioxidant-rich kale and brown rice, this bowl will boost your energy and ramp up your metabolism.

4. Breakfast bowl with greek yogurt, granola, and blueberries

Breakfast bowl with greek yogurt, granola, and blueberriesSource: halfbakedharvest

With this blueberry muffin granola bowl, you may avoid the carbohydrates while still enjoying the flavor of your favorite pastry. Although this breakfast meal has a little over 550 calories, it is loaded with fiber to keep you full all day.

5. Quinoa breakfast bowl

Quinoa breakfast bowlSource: 5iamafoodblog

Do you dislike sweet breakfasts? It’s for you, this bowl: This protein-rich egg and quinoa bowl gets a significant flavor boost from tofu puffs, seaweed paper, and a miso sauce. You can purchase these ingredients in Asian markets.

6. Chia apple-cinnamon bowl

Chia apple-cinnamon bowlSource: blissfulbasil

If you’ve been looking for a grain-free, vegan breakfast that has the feel of a warm bowl of oats, look no further. Without a single grain in sight, this raw apple-cinnamon & chia breakfast bowl has all the fiber, warmth, and warming spices of an apple-laden oat meal.

7. Peaches & cream smoothie bowls

Peaches & cream smoothie bowlsSource: ohmyveggies

Like ripe peaches? Oh My Veggies discovered a method to eat them all year round. To keep them at their freshest, slice and freeze them. Simply combine them with coconut milk to make a seriously creamy smoothie bowl, then top with additional peaches, almonds, and raspberries whenever you’re yearning for a taste of summer.

8. Bowl of black rice

Bowl of black riceSource: mynewroots

Vanilla-infused black rice pudding serves as the ideal foundation for a filling portion of tropical fruit. This exotic-tasting combination tastes best with a sprinkling of toasted coconut on top.

9. Chickpea breakfast burrito bowl

Chickpea breakfast burrito bowlSource: yupitsvegan

This morning burrito bowl from Yup, It’s Vegan is created with pan-fried chickpeas, black rice, lentils, quinoa, guacamole, cabbage, and mango salsa. It is savory, spicy, and oh, so filling. After one bite, you’ll be addicted.

10. Bowl of sweet potatoes and hummus

Bowl of sweet potatoes and hummusSource: happyveggiekitchen

This breakfast dish, which mixes hummus, sweet potatoes, and an egg for a hearty and full meal, may easily be used as dinner. The lemon-garlic-yogurt dressing, which is acidic, unites all the tastes.

I wish you had inspiration for better mornings with breakfast bowls! Visit our website for more ideas on breakfast dishes!


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